Hydraulic in-line punching machines for cable ducts and trays

POVI 6000

These stand-alone and compact hydraulic punching machines are ideal for the in-line punching of “U”-shaped plastic profiles that need punching on all three sides, such as cable trunking, ducts for floor conditioning systems and single wall cable trays with a width of up to 600 mm and a thickness of up to 5 mm.

They are latest generation punching machines, designed and built to work at high speeds, up to 10 m/min., and extremely flexible and versatile according to the different and specific production requirements. The three punching heads are independent, i.e. they can work both together and individually. They can also be equipped with proportional valves, which allow you to control their movement precision, reduce mechanical stresses and guarantee a high-quality punching standard on all thicknesses.

The punching process can also be combined with the so-called embossing process, which consists of making a “fingerprint” on the outer profile surface, facilitating manual removal of the pre-punched part during installation.

The in-line punching machine is equipped with a carriage that slides on prismatic linear guides, on which the three punching heads with the relative cutting sets are assembled. The horizontal movement of the carriage is operated by a brushless motor with ball & screw, controlled by a PLC.


Technical features


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