Hydraulic Punching Machines for plastic profiles

POVI 3000

Hydraulic punching machines studied and optimised for different applications on plastic materials. These independent and compact units are available in single and multi-strand versions for process speeds up to 15 m/min. They are developed for all punching needs: for building industry profiles, for cable trays used by the electrical industry and for all types of technical profiles. They are available as in-line and off-line versions.

Baruffaldi is proud of its 60 years of experience in manufacturing long-lasting punch tool sets that guarantee precise and high quality punching without burrs, as well as tool sets for the embossing process. Thanks to its competence and technical know-how, Baruffaldi can satisfy specific requirements (special punching patterns, high extrusion speed, etc.) offering customised units according to different production needs.The soundproof frame guarantees a low noise level and the reduction of acoustic emissions for a safe and healthy working environment.


POVI 3000

Hydraulic punching machine with single vertical head.
A punching machine developed for the punching of rigid and foamed PVC profiles in-line and off-line. It guarantees high performance in terms of both process speed and applied force.

POVI 3000 TD

Hydraulic punching machine with two (horizontal and vertical) independent punching heads.
Designed for punching profiles on two angle planes. Evolution of the POVI 3000 single head with higher application flexibility.

POVI 3000 OL

A semi-automatic off-line version called POVI 3000-OL (off-line) is also available, designed to perform vertical punching of various types of profiles at a max. punching speed. 6 – 8 m / min. However, the punching speed always depends on the punch tool set configuration. In this version the punching machine is equipped with adequately sized motorized devices, for moving the profile inside the machine.

On request, the POVI 3000 OL can be equipped with a feed in table, for the automatic feeding of the products to be punched, and a feed out table, from which the operator takes the product for the subsequent packing operations. The length of these two accessory units varies according to the the specific of product length

Technical features

Compact units with hydraulic pack built in the machine frame

The soundproof frame guarantees low noise levels and the reduction of acoustic emissions for a safe and healthy working environment.

Baruffaldi POVI series is a range of modular and customizable hydraulic punching machines manufactured to punch a wide variety of plastic profiles, that differ in geometries, materials and applications.

Our POVI units and systems are well-known worldwide and installed to satisfy specific production needs at leading companies in the plastic profile extrusion sector.


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