Extrusion Tools

For plastic profiles

Since its establishment in 1953, Baruffaldi has created a solid reputation at an international level as a manufacturer of extrusion tools and extrusion lines, downstream equipment and processing machines for plastic profiles.
Extrusion tooling is the heart of the production technology of any type of profile. In this sector we distinguish ourselves for the high productivity, versatility and production speed up to 25 m/min for roller shutters.
Our company philosophy in this field is based on a constant investment in research and development that allows us to reach our customers’ production goals through the application of innovative solutions that meet the highest market standards.
The know-how of our team, coupled with a complete in-house production process, gives us the possibility to customise our tooling and satisfy any specific customer need.

From the machining and boring centers to the wire erosion process, all frames and small components are “home-made” and accurate. We manufacture extrusion tools using only certified steel of the highest quality. Production is performed with the support of a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system.

Every Baruffaldi branded element that leaves the factory is professionally tested in our quality department, which is equipped with three-dimensional measuring machines such as Faro CAM2 Platinum arm and DEA-HEXAGON measuring machine.

Project designers and tuning technicians work side by side in synergy with the customer to achieve continuous improvement aimed at obtaining effective, competitive and innovative solutions that are the key to our customers’ success as well as our own.

In-House Fine Tuning

Our testing department is equipped with 3 complete extrusion lines to cover the broadest possible spectrum in testing extrusion tooling, special customized equipment and our special end-of-line machines. There are a Baruffaldi single screw extruder L/D 60-28, with an output of 90 kg/h, a Cincinnati conical twin-screw extruder type C-55 with an output of 100 kg/h, a Reifenhauser parallel twin-screw extruder capable of extruding 80-210 kg/h, a single screw co-extruder (25 kg/h), a Piovan drying plant for hygroscopic polymers, and a calibrator thermoregulator for special plastic materials (PC/ABS etc.). After the internal tests, our technicians fine-tune the extrusion tool at the customer’s site until the profile meets the agreed technical requirements and acceptance criteria and the tool can be put in production.


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