for corrugated and smooth pipes

Haul-offs for corrugated pipes of between 40 and 1400 mm diameter. Machines equipped with two or three tracks for synchronized pulling with the corrugator speed. Haul-offs installed on the extrusion line to avoid any buckling to the corrugation after their exit from the corrugator.

Haul-offs for corrugated pipes

raini per tubi corrugati dal diametro 40 mm al diametro 1400 mm. Traini a due o tre cingoli per la trazione del tubo in sincronismo con la velocità del corrugatore. Traini posti in linea di estrusione per evitare deformazioni alla corrugazione dopo l’uscita dal corrugatore.

Technical features
Haul-Offs for Smooth Pipes

Haul-offs for smooth plastics pipes with belts or pads made to obtain the maximum pulling force and contact pressure on the pipe. Poly-v belts caterpillar tracks with contact surface made up of rubber or special materials or caterpillar tracks with vulcanized rubber inserts, which can be changed over for different profiles.

Tracks controlled by means of motors equipped with encoder, which ensure accuracy, stable extrusion speed and reduced maintenance. The fine adjustment of the upper belt guarantees the best traction, avoiding any crushing effect on the pipe. The Haul-offs are equipped with on-board digital extrusion speed indicators.

Technical features


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