Primac downstream equipment for PTFE pipes

With more than 40 years of experience in the extrusion of plastic and high-temperature resistant materials, Primac technology in the manufacturing equipment and production lines for PTFE pipes. PTFE pipes are used for special applications: in the medical industry (i.e. to convey food fluids, etc.), and in the electronic and automotive industries. Baruffaldi-Primac know-how guarantees top quality standards of the final product, which makes it possible to obtain the certifications the market requires.

Our equipment for PTFE includes the following technologies:

Calibration and Cooling Water Tank
Type CV/63-I-D

Type T2C/63-V/D

Planetary Cutting Machine with Compact Haul-off
Type T.T.V.P-AR/20

Automatic Winder
Type AV-A/2-D

Laboratory Testing Machines for Pipes
Type PCE/100



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