Baruffaldi puts its technical staff at the customer disposal during all phases of the supply of a new plant or the construction of an extrusion equipment, from the preliminary analysis to the post-sales assistance.

Covering all the relevant points of the investment project, starting from the formulation of the raw material and from the optimization of the profile, up to the grinding of production waste for recycling, Baruffaldi is proud to collaborate with its customers for the design and construction of turnkey plants.

Feasibility study and customized planning

During the preliminary study phase, the customer’s requests are analyzed in detail and a feasibility study is carried out to identify the best solutions by comparing the technical, economic and qualitative requirements.

The Baruffaldi technical team works closely with its own customers in order to develop customized solutions with high productivity.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, Baruffaldi can also assist a newcomer to extrusion in every step, composing his needs and organizing an entire production department from scratch.

For extrusion equipment, particular attention is paid to the stability of the extrusion and to the maximum achievable performance. All Baruffaldi equipment is made of high quality 1.2316 steel.

Baruffaldi engineers have designed specific software for each type of machine, developed and evolved over the years to offer customers maximum flexibility and immediate system, logical and intuitive. Each program includes a work menu in manual and automatic mode, a series of operating recipes, a clear coding of the alarms and the component concerned. Baruffaldi machines are characterized by the ever-increasing digitization of Industry 4.0.

On request, customized software and/or circuit management in and out of line can be developed.

Construction phase, start up and commissioning

During the construction phase, the customer is constantly updated on the progress of the work up to the pre-test, which is performed internally and allows to check the full compliance of the plant.

The testing department is equipped with nr. 3 complete extrusion lines, one of which with a single-screw machine and drying plant for hygroscopic polymers, one with conical twin-screw and one with parallel twin-screw of superior capacity, to offer the widest spectrum of possibilities in the testing phase of extrusion equipment, downstream and our special end-of-line machines.

The factory is also equipped for testing off-line plants of considerable size or, if only one unit of the line is sold without the molds, carry out an off-line test with the extruded profile / tube bars.

A valid aid for shearing / coining, cutting and assembly tests is a series of test benches.

During the installation at the customer’s plant, production and maintenance training is provided to the production personnel. On request, a training service is provided to customers starting from scratch with the extrusion line or to line operators who wish to deepen their knowledge of the systems. Training is carried out by specialized technicians and can take place at the customer’s premises or at Baruffaldi’s production sites.

Baruffaldi specialized technicians travel across the world in case of request to start the line or single plant or extrusion equipment.

According to the customer’s wishes, we offer logistical assistance in foreign language for the collection of goods organized by the customer with its own carrier, or, alternatively, directly manage the loading and shipping of goods, including insurance, through trusted couriers of international importance.

Each machine is accompanied by manuals of use and maintenance, in addition an e-learning service is offered on multimedia support.

Once the unit has been delivered and positioned, the required mechanical/electrical/software tester will start production until the result achieves the quality standard.

After-sales assistance

The after-sales service is supported by the local diagnostic system, of which all Baruffaldi machines are equipped with, and by the remote assistance system, via modem or company network, that can be installed on request and allows remote work on the machines.

In addition, the on-call assistance service guarantees the intervention of a specialized technician after notification and telephone verification of the problem.

Customers also have at their disposal the Industry 4.0 option, through which Baruffaldi is able to carry out both scheduled and extraordinary preventive maintenance thanks to the feedback that the machine continuously transmits to the company.

Spare parts

The Baruffaldi spare parts warehouse manages generic and special spare parts for the prompt processing of requests.

Using components of primary brands, the customer can obtain autonomously on site many electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic spare parts.

Plant revamping and garaging

Baruffaldi is also at your complete disposal for an estimate of overhaul and modernization of the plant already in the customer’s possession.

Baruffaldi or Primac machines that are still productive, but dated, or that have a new high-performance plant alongside them, or which need to work with an alternative product and require adaptation for size changeovers, can be integrated, reconditioned or modernized.


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