Feasibility study and customized planning

The best solutions by comparing the technical, economic and qualitative requirements

During the preliminary study phase, the customer’s requests are analyzed in detail and a feasibility study is carried out to identify the best solutions by comparing the technical, economic and qualitative requirements.

The Baruffaldi technical team works closely with its own customers in order to develop customized solutions with high productivity.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, Baruffaldi can also assist a newcomer to extrusion in every step, composing his needs and organizing an entire production department from scratch.

For extrusion equipment, particular attention is paid to the stability of the extrusion and to the maximum achievable performance. All Baruffaldi equipment is made of high quality 1.2316 steel.

Baruffaldi engineers have designed specific software for each type of machine, developed and evolved over the years to offer customers maximum flexibility and immediate system, logical and intuitive. Each program includes a work menu in manual and automatic mode, a series of operating recipes, a clear coding of the alarms and the component concerned. Baruffaldi machines are characterized by the ever-increasing digitization of Industry 4.0.

On request, customized software and/or circuit management in and out of line can be developed.