Manual pin interlocking unit
for Aluminium and PVC Roller Shutters


Extremely precise, quick and reliable unit for pin interlocking of both PVC and aluminium roller shutter profiles.


This pneumatic machine can be used for the safe interlocking of slotted and non slotted roller shutter profiles, thus preventing the profiles from coming apart during transport. The operator merely needs to insert the profile in the special guide, taking care to see that the profile end touches the mechanical device. By pressing in the profile, the unit carries out the following three operations at the same time:

Pointed pins facilitate their penetration into the profile, thus ensuring a better grip over the course of time. They are packed in blisters and are loaded into the special vertical feeding unit that automatically feeds one pin to each profile. Once the interlocking operation is complete, the operator extracts the profile from the guide and slides it manually into the profile he previously interlocked. He repeats this operation until he has assembled a roller shutter of the required length.

The manual pin interlocking unit is mounted on an aluminium baseplate and is equipped with a safety guard made of transparent plexiglass that also protects the mechanical components. The machine construction complies with the current EC norms.

Technical Features

Operator Safety



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