Electro-mechanical Punching Machines
for roller shutter profiles and single wall profiles

MS 100

Special, high-speed punching machines for roller shutter profiles and single wall profiles with a low thickness (max. 2 mm). Thanks to the high punching frequency (up to 120 cycles / min.) they are particularly suitable for simple punching patterns, like the slotting of roller shutter profiles, also at high extrusion speeds.

The Baruffaldi MS100 electro-mechanical eccentric punching machine works in-line at 15 m/min and can also be inserted into an existing extrusion line even at a later stage.
At each punching cycle the profile drags the carriage when the punch enters the profile. When the punch gets out of the profile the carriage returns to its zero position thanks to the cushioned spring.

They are available in different sizes, designed and manufactured according to our customers’ requirements, always with an easy and quick format changeover. The brushless motor guarantees low noise levels and the reduction of acoustic emissions for a safe and healthy working environment.

The high process precision and the efficiency of these units guarantee an increase in production and the reduction of costs.


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