Hot Blade Punching Machine for PVC Profiles


Baruffaldi Plastic Technology designs and manufactures high-tech punching technologies since more than 50 years. Recently the team has developed the latest version of hot punching machine for profiles.

The system is innovative because it allows the punching of multiwalled profiles without the use of the die or limits on the shape  to be drilled, without the need to work with the interpolation of the machining axes. It therefore easily solves the punching of slots with complex geometries.

The hot punching system is not the only flagship of this machine. The plant can operate both off-line and on-line, placed after the cutter with a profile bar handling system.

The machine is highly versatile not only in its use within the production cycle, but also has two other pluses: the quick and easy format changeover to switch to different drilling patterns, and the total recycling of the punching scraps, evacuated automatically from the same punching set.

The whole process takes place with extreme silent operation and the end result gives a clean product, thanks to precise punching without dust release, combining product quality with the quality of the working environment.

The soundproof cabin guarantees low noise levels and reduction of acoustic emissions for a safe and healthy workplace.


Technical features


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