Hot blade guillotines for plastic profiles

Baruffaldi’s latest generation hot blade guillotine is the patented transversal cutting system with heated blade. It is well known all over the world thanks to its quality and high-tech performance that does not melt the profile during the cut, so it does not deform it; also, there are no burnt residues left on the blade.

The unit is designed and optimised for precision transversal and multiple cutting of plastic profiles in both directions, such as cable ducts, window profiles and panels, with no burrs or dust. It is capable of multiple cuts or dual strand cutting. The device is available in a pneumatic or servo-aided version and guarantees a cut tolerance of about ± 0.3 mm.

Depending on minimum cut length, extrusion speed and cutting tolerance required by the customer, they can be supplied with three different movements of the carriage.

The pneumatic unit (TG.G-PP-HB version), the servo-aided unit (TG.G-PD-HB version) with a new concept linear brushless motor that guarantees high energy savings of over 3000 Euro every 8000 hours of production, and finally it is possible to have the guillotine that moves its blade by means of a brushless motor (TG.G-DP-HB).

The heated blade cuts large-sized thick profiles. The special temperature regulator heats the blade to the optimum level to guarantee the same quality of cut on all profile thicknesses.

Another important feature concerns the movement of the blade, which can be adjusted automatically by a brushless motor according to the thickness and dimension of the profile.
The unit is customizable according to the geometry of the profiles that can reach 250 mm in height and 600 mm in width.


Technical features


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