Cutting Saws

for plastic profiles

To meet the various production needs of the market, we have designed and manufactured various types of cutting saws, which stand out for their sturdiness and attention to construction details.

They are available in different sizes and with carriage operated pneumatically or with servomotor. They guarantee continuous process reliability, versatility of use and adaptability to the customer’s specific production needs.

The frame is made of electro-welded pressed steel and si panelled in the lower part, whereas the upper part is closed off with accident-prevention safety guards.

All our cutting saws are equipped with adjustable feet, to adapt the machine to the height of the extrusion axis, pneumatic clamps, external aspirator and encoder.

The soundproof frame guarantees low noise levels and reduction of acoustic emissions for a safe and healthy working environment.

All Baruffaldi cutting saws are equipped with a swarf suction system to guarantee a clean working environment and no dust on the final product.

TG. SR 300
TG. VTS 300
TG. VS 350
TG. VTS 530
TG. VS 600
TG. VS 750
Technical features


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