Cold blade guillotines for plastic profiles


Baruffaldi’s patented cold blade cutting guillotines are designed for profiles of small dimensions and reduced thickness, and are available in in-line and off-line versions, depending on the type of application required.

These units are designed to efficiently cut profiles extruded also in more than one strand, as well as for multiple cuts. They stand out for their horizontal cutting system, which prevents any profile deformation and guarantees a high standard in the quality of the cut.

Our guillotines are available in the different versions: they can be pneumatic (TG.G-PP-CB), pneumatic/ servo-aided (TG.G-PD-CB or TG.G-DP-CB), or completely servo-driven, for an extremely precise cut, with up to ± 0,5 mm tolerance, at a high speed.

Our internal technical office can customize the various guillotine cutting units based on the specific production needs and customers’ requirements.

Thanks to their modularity and compact size of our guillotines it is possible to fit the stand-alone machine in an existing extrusion line, or fix the mere cutting assembly onto the saw machine frame.

Technical features


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