Brushing Machine

This is an auxiliary machine that allows to clean punched or milled profiles during the extrusion process.  With this machine you’ll be sure your profiles are clean and that there is less dust around in the air, which is good for workers.

The brushing station consists of 2 heads each of which is equipped with 2 motor-driven brushes with independent adjustments for width, height and angle. The upper height control, which keeps the profile in position, is also adjustable. In addition, the brushing machine comes equipped with a suitably dimensioned dust extraction unit and is supplied with a software interface to link to your existing plant. The safety guards positioned above the brushes deflect the powder to the dust extraction unit.

If necessary, a set of interchangeable support guides, tailor-made for your particular profiles, can be added as well as a universal haul-off to take the profiles out of the machine exit after they have been brushed in the event that the machine is installed off-line.

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