Cap inserter for roller shutters CAPCO3.5, CAPCO6.5, CAPCV3.5, CAPCV6.5, CAP-SP


This machine has evolved from our traditional Combiroll which assembles PVC roller shutters. Specifically designed for the assembly of aluminium roller shutters off line, it can process slats of between 500 and 6500 mm in length, inserting plastic caps.

Another option is to have an interlocking system which staples the end caps the slats instead of notching them.

The machine is made up of the following:

  • Vertical or horizontal infeed table for slats already cut to lenght or for slat packs of up to 6,5 m in lenght;
  • Electromechanical punching unit (optional);
  • Saw cutting device (in the CAPCO6,5 and CAPCV6,5 versions) with swarf extraction;
  • No. 2 cap inserter heads for interlocking the profiles (the first one is fixed, the second one is automatically adjustable according to the lenght of the slats to be assembled);
  • Assembly table. The assembled pack feeds out onto its horizontal arms;
  • Mobile arms that lower themselves during the automatic cycle in which the interlocked roller shutter is assembled;
  • Motorised rolling unit, allowing the operator to remove the rolled up shutter.

The choice of materials such as the electro welded, box section steel, painted frame, the anodized aluminium structures which support the moving parts and the stainless steel used for parts in contact with the profile are all hallmark signs of a top quality machine.


  • Assembly machine for PU aluminium roller shutters of up to 6,5 m in length – all formats
  • Interlocking units with cap dispenser
  • Speeds of up to 20 m/min (roller shutter production of approx. 1 sq. m/min.)
  • Handling systems that safeguard against damage to the end product
  • Automatic adjustments according to the final product lenght
  • Major brand components


  • High productivity
  • Process speed
  • Automatic wrapper
  • Precision and consistency of assembly
  • Ease of control for the operator
  • Possibility to change product format
  • Reliability and versatility of the assembly process
  • Ease of use and maintenance


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