Assembling machines for roller shutter slats Combipack C1/P, C2/P


In line machines for the production and assembly of bars for PVC roller shutters.
Combipacks for window and furniture roller shutter profiles are customizable modular plants: Baruffaldi Plastic Technology is your ideal partner to design and manufacture the most suitable plant to secure the maximum capital investment return to your company.


  • Compact units
  • Process reliability
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Customised software

C1/P-13 and C2/P-13

High technology and high performance machines, designed for the production of 6,5 m long slat packs with a process speed up to 2 x 13 m/min. in single and dual strand.

Technical Features

  • Punching unit
  • Guillotine cutting unit
  • Assembly unit
  • Automatic handling systems for the bars (optional)
  • Available in single and dual strand
  • Available as pneumatic machines or with brushless motors depending on the required process speed
  • Components of leading brands

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