Unveiling New Ventures: Baruffaldi’s Return to NPE The Plastic Show

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, in collaboration with their US representative Neil Macdonald, recently made a pleasant return to the prestigious NPE 2024 Plastic Show held in Orlando, Florida, marking their reintegration into this esteemed event after an absence of several years. This significant occasion served as an invaluable platform for rekindling relationships with esteemed clients, cultivating fresh partnerships, and unveiling their latest advancement: the establishment of Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, U.S.A., Co.

At their stand, attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the introduction of Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, U.S.A., Co. Established in 2024, this new venture represents their commitment to providing direct and comprehensive services to their customers in the US and Canada. From sales and technical support to spare parts procurement and on-site commissioning services, their dedicated team stands ready to serve and support your plastic processing needs. This choice was made due to the increasing trust of their American clients in their main technologies, namely, lines of electrical cable ducts, drainage pipe machines and the swarfless cutting systems.

An enriching experiences shared during this year’ NPE Plastic Show, filled with gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect, collaborate, and celebrate the opening of their new venture with you. They look forward to nurturing these relationships in the years to come and continuing to drive industry progress together. Thank you for being an integral part of their journey towards a future defined by innovation, partnership, and success.

Your enthusiasm and support reaffirmed their belief in the importance of personal connections within the industry and inspired them to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

Thank you