The Dosi Group supports the docu-film “The sky hunters”

This year the Dosi Group has decided to support the production of the docu-film on the history of the aviation ace Francesco Baracca “The sky hunters” in prime time on Rai 1 on Wednesday 29th March. The film celebrates the hero Francesco Baracca (Lugo, 9th May 1888 – Nervesa, 19th June 1918), Italy’s leading ace during the First World War and pioneer of the Italian Air Force. Baracca is also known for the prancing horse, which he initially affixed to his plane and which the family then donated in 1922 to Enzo Ferrari, winner of the Savio Grand Prix.

In addition to his Lugo origins, Baracca personifies many of the company’s values: pioneering, avant-garde, love for technology, dedication to duty dictated by the community’s values of economic and social progress. Mechanics and aviation go always together, as demonstrated by the “Un Aereo Una Storia Umanitaria” museum of the RAF – Romagna Air Finders association, which from years has found its perfect location within the historic mechanical workshop of Angelo Dosi, grandfather and predecessor of the current CEO of the Dosi Group.

21.03.2023 - Press conference on the docu-film "The sky hunters"