BLINK 4.0 funded under Mind4Machines

The project enabled the industrialization of Baruffaldi's IIoT prototype system
and was developed in collaboration with the industrial partner OBO Bettermann GmbH

Baruffaldi presented as part of MIND4MACHINES a project to industrialize the hardware, software and services of the prototype Industrial IoT application implemented over the past few years. The project is aimed at networking and remote monitoring of the machines produced by Baruffaldi both through commercial platforms and through a new Open Source web platform developed by Baruffaldi itself to provide a set of additional advanced services to the customer for machine condition monitoring, analysis of the production made, after-sales and spare parts.

MIND4MACHINES aims to facilitate the cross-sectoral and cross-border support needed by manufacturing SMEs to test and adopt the latest digital technologies for transformation towards smarter, greener, and more resource-efficient manufacturing, according to the latest EU policies.


The project involves the realization of several objectives:

UPDATE 14/03/2023

After almost 3 months of work, the activities of the Blink 4.0 project are proceeding. It was possible to complete all machine setup activities from an IT point of view and its verification within the Baruffaldi industrial network. It was important to be able to carry out these activities because, concretely, they constitute the innovative technical part of the Blink 4.0 project.

In summary, the following operations were performed:

UPDATE 09/08/2023

Today, the platform, already translated into the customer’s language, was presented to the industrial partner Obo Bettermann. The feedback has been very positive and the customer is ready to install it in the other Baruffaldi systems as well.

UPDATE 24/10/2023

The customization phase and related tests have been completed. The machine is ready for shipment and the platform has already been tested on the Baruffaldi network. It will soon be connected to the Obo Bettermann network.