The Dosi Group excels in innovation: Awarded at Excelsa 2017

The companies, Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche and Baruffaldi Plastic Technology-Primac of the Dosi Group, recognized the most technologically innovative at the “Confindustria Romagna Award”.

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at the Milano Marittima Convention Center, the “Excelsa 2017 Confindustria Romagna Award” ceremony was held, where every year the most excellent entrepreneurial initiatives in Romagna are recognized. Therefore, have been rewarded that by applying for one of the five categories of environment and security, communication and marketing, innovation, internationalization and human resources, have contributed to the economic and social development of the territory. In this occasion, the Dosi Group, represented by the owner Mr . Alberto Dosi, has been recognized as the winner of the prestigious “innovation” category, presenting the recent electronic and computer integration project for machines manufactured by one of its companies, Baruffaldi Plastic Technology. One of the cutting-edge technology companies in the world of plastic extrusion machines, which with its new software system has optimized the working conditions for the operator and at the same time the satisfaction of the end customer, who can make use of of state-of-the-art, intuitive, high-performance, and above all reliable technologies. The whole revolves around sectoral adaptation to industry 4.0, specifically controlling units that make upstream of the line from the extruder with the UNICHORN system for which a patent application has been made. The extruder, which can be connected via intranet to the corporate management software, receives the production orders directly from the Direction, while the Operator in Production can handle all downstream units directly from the extruder, optimizing the timing and quality output. The Point of Direction can continuously monitor the performance and efficiency of the production process on smartphones with the Baruffaldi app. It will also be possible for the customer to have direct and real-time contact with the technicians of the various departments, thanks to modern communications technologies remotely, always adapted to the industry machines, thus further focusing on scope 4.0.

Mr. Dosi during the award ceremony thanked and made public merit his team’s work for achieving the important recognition, and therefore the shared daily commitment that enable the Group to achieve high quality and technology standards.

The concept goes far beyond the technological aspect, it is about changes, innovations and revolutions that start from “artificial” solutions, but have a positive impact on human relationships between companies.


The current and complex topic of industry 4.0 has also been the main theme of the speech by the President of the Jury, Francesco Ubertini, rector Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, who reaffirmed the indispensability for the development and adaptation of the various sectors to the technological industry of our time, called 4.0. He also stressed how crucial it is that the same preparation of students, future engineers and workers in general should be equally targeted and accurate, characterized by a high level of preparation. By affirming that an average of 30 projects per day are being developed within the university, as innovations, it is also important to emphasize how this incredible revolution is full of human progress.

The Dosi Group’s INNOVATION is pursuing a state-of-the-art international commercial mission, which at the same time creates confidence by spreading the value of cooperation and collaboration among the same people who experience, invent and disseminate what is now called Revolution 4.0.