4,000 square metres of industry passion

The three companies, Baruffaldi Plastic Technology (machinery for profiles and roller shutters), Primac (machines for smooth and corrugated pipes) and Dosi (machining and engineering) have been reunited at Dosi headquarters in Fusignano (Ravenna, Italy), that have been enlarged for this occasion and now cover more than 4,000 square metres. This is not only a logistic move, but also an integration of three complementary companies that together make up the Dosi Group

“The original company was established in 1929 by my grandfather Angelo Dosi as a smith workshop. In time it enjoyed remarkable success. During the 1970’s I and my father took advantage of the boom of the footwear industry, manufacturing machinery for production lines, until the crisis arrived. The market shrank, the company struggled, and I decided to revitalise the business by leveraging on the company’s long-standing tradition”, tells the Ceo, Alberto Dosi.

Going briefly into the history of the group, the original company Dosi Costruzioni Meccaniche was integrated in 2008 with the acquisition of a historical name, Baruffaldi Plastic Technology, and later, in 2011, with the well-known brand Primac. The recent move to the new headquarters definitively seals this integration. The cohesion, the sharing and exchange of experiences between the different production departments generated by this integration are considered a synergic element to the benefit of the research and development of technological innovations. However, in order to run all this flawlessly, the sole vicinity of the production departments is not sufficient. It is also necessary the professional collaboration between engineers’ and operators’ teams that meticulously take care of developing the group.

This is just one of many transformation that are launching the Dosi group to the highest quality levels with regard to relations with customers and suppliers, and guaranteeing professionalism in business relationships. The group also wants to continue to distinguish itself for its avant-garde technological solutions and the possibility of meeting and satisfying different technical and market needs all over the world.

Today, the company makes the most of a strategy driven by innovation, originating from the strong dynamism of the owner, who transferred his idea of efficiency to the corporate processes that have allowed the group to reach the highest international quality standards in production. Thanks to these standards, the group is now present in 40 countries where it boasts a large customer base including major international leaders.

“Our action is inspired by strong and shared values that drive our corporate mission and identity. Fairness, accountability, respect, trust and reciprocity are the values that we hold firmly in the relationship with our customers and suppliers. Our mission is to become a strategic reference point for companies and customers in order to improve their competitiveness” Dosi concludes.