Omnia Extrusion Line: the star of the Baruffaldi-Primac Open Day

An Open Day is an occasion for Baruffaldi-Primac to meet customers in person, show them our production facility, share new product innovations and get their feedback. This year we held this event on September 22nd at our production plant in Ferrara. We hosted visitors from many countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia and Italy.

This year the star of the Open Day was the exclusive preview of the Omnia 1.0 Extrusion Line. Our team presented OMNIA in detail in all its parts and we were excited to receive such positive feedback on this new product.


Omnia is Baruffaldi’s first complete and integrated extrusion line solution. It is compact in size to save valuable factory floor space. Modular design allows customization to fit user needs. It manufactures high quality finished products with process reliability, respect for the environment and energy savings. Ease of use and ease of maintenance are also part of its design and it comes complete with a user-friendly control panel.

Here are just a few visitor comments:

“Finally a machine that listens to the user’s needs.”

“Impressive energy savings.”

“A clever cutting solution: the guillotine hot blade gets an excellent cut quality without the necessity of the dies.”

“I really like the calibration table movement system: simple and tough.”

“Very functional quick change of haul-off caterpillar pads and effective system to pivot upper caterpillar.”

In addition to seeing OMNIA, visitors at the Open Day saw the care we put in our production processes to manufacture machinery and equipment. In particular, visitors were impressed by our punching machines and our assembly machines for roller shutters.

Everyone was glad to see that Baruffaldi has put all its knowledge and experience into designing a complete and integrated extrusion line. After the success of the Open Day preview, we will of course bring OMNIA to the Baruffaldi stand (C21 Hall 17) at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf, taking place October 19-26.

We thank all participants to the Open Day. If you were not able to come, we hope to show you OMNIA at the K 2016 fair in Dusseldorf.  If you will be attending let us know and fix an appointment.

We invite you to watch the OMNIA video and download the brochure from the Omnia 1.0 page.