PMI DAY 2015 – Sixth National Day of Small and Medium Enterprises


The sixth edition of PMI DAY – Industriamoci took place on 12 and 13 November, the day that connects students with small and medium-sized enterprises in the area, organized by Confindustria as part of the Business Culture Week in collaboration also with Avis Ferrara.

Baruffaldi, now a usual participant, hosted two classes, a 4th and a 5th from the ITI Institute of Ferrara, accompanied by their teachers and a representative of Unindustria.

The students were introduced to the production processes of the plastic world in its various fields of application, closely observing an assembly machine for roller shutters, the POVI 5000 system for punching electrical cable ducts, the very first model of hot blade guillotine for technical profiles and the extrusion department where the tests are carried out.

It can be seen how the interest of students, as the generations change, remains unchanged and it is always pleasant to be able to share the values ​​of our “doing business” with them. Doors open to students therefore, also for future professional opportunities.