PMI DAY 2014 – Fifth National Small Medium Enterprises Day

PMI Day is an initiative promoted by Confidustria association during which the small-medium companies open their factories doors to students, teachers and local communities to show how their production activity developes and to explain their history, achievements and future projects.

This event was launched for the first time in 2010 and this year has reached the fifth edition, to which Baruffaldi has one more time adhered.

On Friday the 14th of November the company had the pleasure of hosting two classes arriving from the 4° and 5° year of the IPSIA F.LLI TADDIA Institute – Cento, accompanied by their teachers and a Unindustria Ferrara association representative.

The teenagers, after a brief company presentation, came in very close contact with Baruffaldi technicians operating on the machines and had the opportunity to follow directly the manufacturing process and the final product.

A great deal of attention was concentrated on the young visitors curiosity, to reply to their questions, whose main focus was not only the technologies and the industrial patents, but also the daily work and the enterprise values.

Because a company grows out of the interaction between plants, products and operators… and maybe those students are the men of tomorrow.