A new network of companies for expansion in the NAFTA market, North Italian Plastic Technology, has been launched.

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology Srl, Comav Srl and Engin Plast Srl are three companies from the province of Ferrara that have come together to create the network of companies North Italian Plastic Technology with the aim of expanding their business activities in the NAFTA market (Canada, United States and Mexico).

The objective of the union is to make a qualitative leap in business development strategies, moving from a simple export stage, which has so far brought success to these Italian firms, to a more planned and structured activity of internationalization.

The combined activity of the group of companies will allow investments in the reference markets to be made whilst sharing the costs and commercial risks.

Coordination of the network and management its activities will be handled by a network manager whose work will be carried out directly in the NAFTA region itself.