Hydraulic punching machines POVI 3000, POVI 3000 TD

Hydraulic punching machines studied and optimised for different applications on plastic and non plastic materials. These independent and compact units are available in single and multi-strand versions for process speeds up to 15 m/min. They have been developed for all punching needs: for window and building industry profiles, roller shutters and cable ducts for the electrical industry and for all types of technical profiles. In-line and off-line versions available.


  • High quality punching with no burrs
  • Software personalised according to customer requirements
  • Highly versatile
  • Reduces production costs
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliability of the process and energy saving

POVI 3000

Hydraulic punching machine with single vertical head

Punching machine developed for the punching of rigid and foamed PVC profiles in and off line. It guarantees high performance both in terms of process speed and applicable force.

POVI 3000 TD

Hydraulic punching machine with two (horizontal and vertical) independent punching heads

Designed for the punching of profiles on two angle planes. Evolution of the POVI 3000 single head with a higher application flexibility.


  • Compact units with hydraulic pack built in the machine frame
  • Suitable for punching profiles also in dual strand
  • Speed up to 15 m/min
  • Punching precision on the pitch up to 0.5 mm
  • Absorbed Power 10 kW
  • Hydraulic power pack pressure 120 bar
  • Components of leading brands

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