Haul-offs TRAXI, P-C

We manufacture haul-offs of different types and sizes for small, medium and large profiles. They are available in versions with rollers, pads and belts, have a contact length from 0,75 m to 3 m and a variable contact width depending on the specific application. Our haul-offs are characterised not only for their robust structure, that eliminates vibrations and discontinuity of traction, but also for their construction criteria and quality components, that guarantee reliability and long life.

Moreover, our production program includes the high versatile combo-units, for which we produce various possibilities, either with belts/pads haul-off and vertical guillotine (P-C/V) or with belts/pads haul-off and transversal cold/hot blade guillotine with cutting die (P-C/H), according to the profile thicknesses and geometry.


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