• “At once” (pursuit) cuts.
  • Disks or planetary knife cutting techniques.
  • Shearing cuts for copper pipes with closing of both ends.
  • Guillotine, blade and heated blade cuts for profiles.
  • Vidia or diamond disk cutting.
  • Cutting device automatically finds the corrugated pipe groove centre.

All types of cutting devices to match extruded plastic products. All our cutting devices are compatible with automatic inline operation, including electronic synchronisation with the line.


  • Simultaneous cut and chamfer
  • High cutting speed
  • Clean cut with no swarf
  • Cut without material removal
  • Dust-free operation
  • Silent cutting action
  • Accurate cut dimensions
  • Energy saving
  • Saving on the costs of swarf removal
  • Rapid cutting frequency means short pipe lengths can be cut


  • Strong, sturdy frame
  • Top quality materials used in construction
  • Machine easily movable between production lines
  • Precise pipe guide system
  • Extremely versatile, safe and reliable

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