A company creates wealth also due to the fact that it is an educational place, inasmuch as it is a seat for the development and transfer of ideas, knowledge and entrepreneurial, technical and organisational skills, but also because a conception of humankind, of work itself and of the common good can be spread throughout the company: an understanding of realism and responsibility and virtues such as courage, loyalty, perseverance and humility.

Baruffaldi presentation 2017

Since it was established in 1953 Baruffaldi has created a solid reputation at an international level as a manufacturer of extrusion tools and extrusion lines, automatic in-line and off-line machines for plastic profiles, PVC, and aluminium roller shutters, cable and installation ducts for the electrical industry as well as for special machines made to spec and turnkey projects. Together with Primac brand name, it also builds machines for processing smooth and corrugated pipes in PP, PE and PVC.

Mission and resources

Baruffaldi is a dynamic company, our investments are centred on the development of all our strategic product lines: high-speed extrusion tooling, in-line and off-line punching equipment, customised machines and turnkey projects- sectors for which Baruffaldi is well-known and appreciated on the international market.

Professionalism, earnestness, reliability, quality and its team’s constant commitment along with investments in technology are the strong points that lead the company to challenge the market, growing to serve new segments.

Baruffaldi is growing steadily and has recently broadened its product range with the acquisition of Primac, a company that manufactures special machines for processing smooth and corrugated pipes in PE, PP and PVC. With this additional line of products and technological solutions, Baruffaldi maintains its core business and extends its objectives increasing what it offers by reaching out to new sectors and markets as the ideal partner for developing and making businesses in the sector more productive.

Baruffaldi and Primac work in synergy with the activity of the Dosi Group, of which they are a part, covering the entire production process and thereby guaranteeing quality products and putting greater resources at the service of their customers.

Customers and industries we serve

Market leaders and first time users have successfully put into use and made profit from the solutions offered by our sales, technical and production personnel for PVC profiles. Fields of use include smooth and corrugated pipes in PE, PP and PVC, rollers shutters, furniture shutters, cable and installation ducting, buildings, vehicles, furnishings, electrical and electronic systems, sanitary and bio-medical products, lighting, ventilation-air conditioning.
Assistance offered by our sales, design, mechanical technical and installation staff is aimed at the continued improvement of innovative, effective and competitive solutions, which are the key not only to our success but also that of our customers.

Products and services

We produce standard and special extrusion tooling and machines that satisfy the technical requirements and practical requests of our customers and meet the highest quality demands set by the market.

  • Extrusion Equipment for all types of plastic – world leadership in high productivity!
  • Assembling machines for PVC and aluminium roller shutters – in-line and off-line
  • Punchng equipment for cable and installation ducts – in-line and off-line. The world’s top technology!
  • Punching and milling machines for technical and building industry profiles
  • Cutting units for profiles – Baruffaldi patented system
  • Cold blade and hot blade guillotines for all types and sizes of profiles  – no burrs and no dust
  • Calibration and Cooling tanks for smooth and corrugated pipes in PE, PP and PVC
  • Cooling tanks with drying, haul-offs, cutting units, welding machines that add welding material and weld by friction for corrugated pipes in PE and PP
  • Special machines for pipes: slotting machines for corrugated pipes (PE/PP) and PVC pipes, in line perforating machines for corrugated pipes (PE), in and off line machines for covering pipes in filter materials
  • Extrusion lines and turnkey plants
  • Services: research and development, feasibility study, customized planning, software development, in-house fine tuning, technical training, start up and commissioning on site, transport and logistics, after-sales service, on-board diagnostic, spare parts, plant revamping.