The first Baruffaldi On-Site Exhibition has been a great success!

Three years after the acquisition of the company came the moment to see how the Baruffaldi mark has reasserted itself as the undisputed world leader in technologies applied to quite a few products for working extruded plastic profiles, whether in or offline.

The event which took place on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September at the company headquarters showed new and old customers the most innovative technological solutions as well as the high quality of the materials used and the services provided. Visitors came from various parts of the Europe such as Italy, France, Belgium, England, Germany and Croatia as well as from further afield, including Morocco, Thailand and India.
The On-Site Exhibition also provided those involved with the occasion to meet and thus to open up to new business opportunities and foster partnerships.

The tireless work of the sales team, backed up by the great professionalism of the engineering department showed the visiting guests how the machines are highly productive and how Baruffaldi plant can be customised to meet required solutions.

The event’s innovative formula was purposely conceived by Baruffaldi – which continues to grow in spite of the economic downturn – in order to gauge the results of the company’s strategy, which has staked everything on technological innovation and services, investing in the engineering and sales departments: the products were appreciated and new horizons and new markets were reached. Whatsmore, the whole team, who have learnt their skills within the company, showed how they work in synergy and with a team spirit in all projects.

As promised there was no lack of conviviality and fun (see the photo gallery).

There was also an emotional moment in the final moments of the intense two-day event when Dr Alberto Dosi whilst thanking the customers who had taken part and all the staff for their work, brought back to their memory Eng. Mauro Baruffaldi whose professional talents are still tangible in the firm today.