Baruffaldi On-site Exhibition: 22nd & 23nd September 2011

Baruffaldi opens the doors of Via Respighi on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September 2011, proud to showcase its range of machines and technologies for processing extruded plastic profiles. Invitations are open to customers, suppliers and all those who are interested in making a start or growing their existing business in the field of extrusion. The management along with the technical and sales personnel will be showing customers how Baruffaldi technology can increase and improve their business. So, from 9 am to 5 pm or by fixing an appointment, we will be happy to welcome visitors who wish to take a close-up look at the Baruffaldi operation and to offer you a buffet-lunch with local food and wines in a friendly but professional atmosphere. Since its establishment in 1953 industry leaders in eighty countries around the world have made use of the technical solutions offered by Baruffaldi. High speed extrusion tooling, in and off line punching equipment, customized machinery and turn-key projects are the fields in which our technology is well known and appreciated on the international market. Indeed, Baruffaldi is the ideal partner for realizing successful solutions for your company: state-of-the-art technology, versatility and personalization of our machines together with consulting for your production process make Baruffaldi one of the top companies in the world in the design and manufacture of tooling, extrusion lines and special machines for plastic profiles.

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Art, tourism and Superbikes

The event at our premises will take place on a weekend near the end of September that coincides with many other events in the surrounding area. For our guests at Baruffaldi, especially those coming from abroad, we have arranged some time out for cultural and sporting interests. On Friday 23nd at 7 in the evening, at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, considered one of the world’s most beautiful Renaissance art palaces, there will be an interesting guided tour of the exhibition “The Crazy Years: the Paris of Modigliani, Picasso, Dalì”. The exhibition comprises masterpieces by the great masters of modernism, the protagonists of a period of great artistic vitality. In addition, between 23rd and 25th September 2011 the Superbike World Championship race at Imola, just 45 minutes from Ferrara, takes place. With Baruffaldi, sponsor of the BMW team, you’ll have the chance to go into the VIP paddock area at any time during the motorcycling weekend. With its historic centre, declared a World Heritage Centre in 1995 by UNESCO, the city where Baruffaldi is situated, Ferrara, can only be considered as one of the most important cities of the Renaissance. Besides the Castello Estense, the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the Cathedral, Ferrara has lots of other places to discover, such as the nearby Delta del Po, Comacchio, Bologna and interesting Also not to be missed is the local food which includes pumpkin ravioli, macaroni pie and salami in wine sauce (salamina da sugo). Altogether then, this is a unique occasion for spending a few days with the family mixing business with tourism, culture and sport. Baruffaldi always finds successful solutions!

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