Punching and coining systems for cable ducts POVI 10000, POVI 5000

The cable duct punching systems POVI 10000 and POVI 5000 are the only plants in the world designed to reach process speed up to 12 m/min. without reducing the quality of the product.


  • Modular puching and coining systems
  • High speed up to 12 m/min
  • High quality punching with no burrs and no dust
  • Coining inside sharp edges
  • Machine suitable for all commercial cable duct sizes
  • Quick and easy size changeover
  • Software personalised according to customer requirements
  • Highly versatile
  • Reduces production costs
  • Easy use and maintenance, low maintenance costs
  • Reliability of the process and energy saving

POVI 5000 and POVI 10000

They are high technology systems with a great performance as they are designed to punch and coin cable ducts on three sides off-line.
With the same machine it is possible punching all sizes from 15x15cm to 100x150cm.

Coining is a technology especially developed by Baruffaldi that adds an important plus to the product, eliminating swarf and sharp edges
along the slots.

Moreover, POVI 10000 and POVI 5000 are equipped with an innovative cable duct transport system which does not leave any visible marks on the profile.

The POVI 5000 has a lower capital and maintenance cost, but it guarantees the same quality as the POVI 10000 as it has the same technical features.

POVI 10000 and POVI 5000 are customized modular systems: Baruffaldi Plastic Technology is the ideal partner to design and manufacture the most suitable plant to secure the maximum capital investment return to your company.


  • Automatic feed in table
  • Punching and coining unit with two horizontal heads for the side slots and one vertical head for the bottom punching
  • Sensors to detect the profile presence and avoid jamming
  • Proportional valves for great precision in the punching process regardless of cable duct thickness ensuring a low noise level
  • Score line station
  • Printing unit
  • Sound-proof cabin to reduce noise level
  • Feed-out table
  • Power supply required 20-40 kW
  • Pressure of hydraulic unit 120-170 bar
  • Components of leading brands

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