Hot blade guillotines TG.G-PP-HB, TG.G-PD-HB, TG.G-DP-HB

Latest generation hot blade guillotines designed and optimised for precision transversal and multiple cutting in both directions of plastic profiles such as cable ducts, window profiles and panels with no burrs or dust. Capable of multiple cut or dual strand cutting.

What’s special about the TG.G-PPHB is that because it does not melt the profile during the cut it does not deform it; also there are no burnt residues left on the blade.

The heated blade cuts large-sized thick profiles. The special temperature regulator heats the blade to the optimum level to guarantee the same quality of cut on all profile thicknesses.


  • No noise during the cut
  • Clean, precise cut with no dust, swarf/burrs
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Reduces production costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliability of the process and energy saving
  • Software personalised according to customer requirements


  • Solid, robust and versatile
  • Suitable for cutting profiles in various plastic materials (ie. PVC, PC, PP, PE)
  • Double-edged blade to optimise the cutting cycle in both directions (pneumatically driven)
  • Quick blade changeover
  • Hardened and ground steel blade guide
  • Major brand components

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