Drilling machines EPDRILL, FR/110-3, FR/4

Drilling Machine

This automatic machine has been designed for the inline vertical drilling of PVC profiles.

As a stand-alone machine it is positioned between the haul-off and the cutting device but can also be supplied as a unit to be positioned on the calibration table.

The drilling is carried out by one or more milling heads, which is mounted on vertical slides which can also be inclined.

The frame of the machine is fitted with adjustable supports. There is enough space between the frame and the shop floor to allow the machine to be lifted with a forklift truck.


  • Frame made from electro-welded steel. The lower part of the machine is finished with sheet metal panelling.
  • Safety guards conform to the highest standards and are openable for access to the drilling heads.
  • Encoder, PLC and programming terminal of the latest design.
  • Drilling unit carriage advances in synchronisation with the profile, which is held in place by a set of clamps during machining processes.
  • Separate dust extraction unit to remove dust and swarf; the unit comes complete with a system of extraction pipes especially designed for the profile being machined.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Precision drilling operations
  • Drilling and threading patterns can be varied
  • Drilling and threading can be carried out in a single operation
  • Can be used on all types of profile
  • Reliable
  • Major brand components
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