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Automatic Rolling Unit

To complete the range of our special machines dedicated to PVC and aluminium roller shutters, on line as well as off line, we developed a versatile automatic rolling unit which minimises and optimises the duration of the rolling up, wrapping and reinforcement insertion phases of producing roller shutters.


  • Minimised and optimised duration for rolling, wrapping and inserting the reinforcements in the roller shutters
  • For PVC and aluminium roller shutters
  • Available in and off line

The unit is available in 2 versions: with manual movement of the film coil and with automatic wrapping phase. In the latter version the rollingunit uses an inverter controlled electronic motor to optimise the speed during the rolling and wrapping phases. During the first phase the unit usually works at a slower speed, so that the operator has time to make a visual check of the roller shutter. During the second phase, the wrapping occurs at maximum speed. The start of each phase can be triggered through either a pedal in the basic version.

Once the wrapping phase has been completed the roller can be placed on the special curved supports for the insertion of the reinforcements. The roller shutter is hooked onto the fixed end of the rolling unit, with the other end adjustable to suit the width of the roller shutter. The system has been designed to accomodate roller shutters of up to 3,5 metres wide.

For aluminium roller shutters we also offer a double coil version i.e. one coil for the protection bubble film and one for the external standard film.

The unit is constructed from an electro-welded frame, painted in an RAL colour of the customer’s choice; the height can be varied using adjustable feet. In the extrusion line version the automatic roller can be coupled with our Combirolls.


  • Available with manual or automatic movement
  • The automatic movement has two different speeds for roll up and wrap up phases
  • Possibility to wrap up the roller shutter both with and without roll
  • Possibility to insert the reinforcements at the end of the wrap up phase
  • Developed for roller shutters with a width up to 3,5 meters
  • Possibility to assemble roll film coils with a max diameter of 300 mm
  • Easy use and maintenance

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