Happy Birthday Baruffaldi!

It was with great pride that we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of Baruffaldi at K 2013 in Dusseldorf! Confirmation and recognition of the firm’s consolidated know-how and its continued commitment to serving customer expectations and requirements was forthcoming from all visitors. Sales figures make clear that the synergy between Baruffaldi and Primac, which has extended the range of machines on offer to include end-of-line machines for pipes, has been a success. Given the explosion of job orders well above initial expectations the merger can now be said to be complete.

On show at the trade fair was the new POVI 5000entry level punching machine for cable ducts. The plant roused enormous interest from South American and Asian customers who appreciated its flexibility, compact footprint, its user friendly and eco-friendly features and the high quality of the punched product considering the low cost of this easy-to-maintain machine.

There were also excellent results for the renewed Dreno Covering TNT 50/200 machine which wraps corrugated pipes with fabric for drainage purposes. It created a lot of interest from Russian and Australian visitors; this is undoubtedly because it is an adaptable machine that can work inline or offline, with both flexible and rigid pipes and allows changeover of the reels of geotextile material on-the-fly with no lost production time.

North American and Japanese visitors showed interest in the exclusive Baruffaldi guillotine cutting systems and in the high quality of the profiles produced with our punching and coining (burr removal) systems which leave the finished product and the work environment clean.

Thanks to who visited us!