All about the new punching machine for electrical cable ducts POVI 5000

New Povi 5000

POVI 5000 a solution that brings together high productivity with low-cost investment!

 During the K show 2013 Baruffaldi will present the new POVI 5000, a machine that has been completely redesigned to make it more compact and improve its performance. This machine now completes Baruffaldi’s range of machines for electrical cable ducts. The new POVI 5000 boasts a completely redesigned profile handling system which allows it to process electrical cable ducts of different lengths, shorter than the standard two-metre ones. Both inline and offline models are available and machine use and maintenance is even easier than before.  Despite the high standards of quality of the POVI 5000, its price tag is 40% lower than that of its big sister the POVI 10000! This now means that buyers from emerging economies, small scale investors and producers can purchase a high quality machine with Baruffaldi’s brand name and technology and break into the fast-growing electrical cable duct market. The POVI 5000 is a clever mix of Baruffaldi technology in which user friendly automation and design are brought together to help productivity by providing high speed, low production waste, energy saving, a congenial working environment and safety.