The new SRM: Primac’s patented Technology in Corrugated Pipes Jointing Systems


The S.R.M. is an extremely versatile machine for PE and PP pipes whether of standard length 3, 6 or 12 m or longer and can be used on a pipe diameters ranging from ID 200 to OD 1200.

The S.R.M. offers a large number of advantages over other coupling systems.

With this exclusive technology patented by Primac there is no loss of speed on the extrusion line or on other pipe processes so production is optimised to the full and the result is a reliable weld with no waste.
The couplings used in the process can be made by injection or rotational moulding with no worries as to the tolerances. The coupling itself can be cut in half to make two couplings both of which can be used to save on costs and without creating any waste.

Baruffaldi provides full technical assistance for those wishing to produce the couplings.
Welding with added material is highly reliable precisely because of the remarkable sealing properties of the weld. Conformity of the seal of a weld made with the added material technique is endured even if the pipe undergoes long-term stacking or is installed incorrectly.

Pipes with a joint welded with the S.R.M. technique meet all strength and ovality standards. The weld material is the same material used to make the pipe and there is no wasted material between cutting the coupling and pipe when they are put together.

If particular demands require it, the S.R.M. can also perform an additional revolution of the pipe so that a double weld bead is laid making the weld even stronger.

In the field of PP and PE corrugated pipe joints, as well as the SRM, which is one of the most innovative technologies available on the market, Baruffaldi-Primac also offers more traditional solutions, such as its I.A.M. jointing systems, with a version that inserts the sealing ring and the coupling and a version which performs friction/fusion welding.

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