All about November, 9th 2012 Baruffaldi Event

TAG “Technological Advancement Group” is the research program that Baruffaldi Plastic Technology previewed at the Open House on 9 November 2012. This program involves employees from across the group of companies all of whom are engaged in the application of new technologies in meeting the specific production demands of each and every customer.

Patented guillotine cutting, touch screen operator panels, linear brushless motors, soft touch movement, remote controlled production, bar code programming and interactivity with Smartphone Technology are just some of the applications that the TAG program offers.

The program has been designed for the construction of reliable, long-lasting, highly versatile machines that are easy to maintain and have a low environmental impact, machines which allow customers to optimise their production and reduce its cost, obtain a quick return on investment and a hefty saving on energy consumption.

There was applause at the welcome speech by the M.D. Alberto Dosi who charted the lines for strategic development over the forthcoming year: advanced specialization, know-how ensuing from the TAG program and flexibility through utilization of the networking synergies within the Dosi Group.

The Area Export Manager, the dazzling Englishman Paul Packer, laid out the day’s timetable which entailed the showcasing of double strand extrusion tooling that can run at up to 16 m/min, machines and complete lines for the assembly of roller shutter, punching systems for electrical cable ducts, guillotines, planetary cutting systems for pipes, prototype extrusion heads for pipes and prototype machines.

This event has confirmed how Baruffaldi, which will be celebrating 60 years in business in 2013, is a recognised worldwide as a specialist in extrusion tooling and machinery for processing profiles and as well as plastic pipes with the Primac line of machines.

In fact, behind every machine there are ideas that are born from valuable know-how and which are then put into practice to meet customers’ specific needs. This then results in machines that waste less material, reduce energy consumption, improve the cutting precision of the product, get rid of dust and noise, facilitate use and maintenance, are interactive and have quick changeover times and that are versatile and precise.

What comes out of this event are Baruffaldi’s strengths: the system of patented technologies, continuous research and development, the possibility of studying the largest return on investment together with the customer, the provision of after-sales services, top rate value for money and international recognition!

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