POVI 6000 and TG.G-600 guillotine cutting unit demo

We are glad to present you our new POVI 6000 and TG.G-600 guillotine cutting unit, our high speed systems to punch and cut without dust your cable ducts in the extrusion line. The punching unit POVI 6000 is equipped with 3 independent punching heads (2 horizontal and 1 vertical) for the precise punching of cable ducts with width from 100 to 600 mm and wall thickness up to 6,0 mm. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the punching depth according to the cable duct thickness by means of the operator panel. The cutting unit allows to cut all cable duct sizes up to 600 x 120 mm and is the ideal solution for a precise cut, without swarfs or dust.

We invite you to see the plants personally at our site from the 15th of December 2010 to the 20th of January 2011.