New guillotine cutting systems: make a wish

We studied and developed our new guillotine cutting systems, both with cold and heated blade that are innovative for simplicity, flexibility, reliability and quality of the cut.

I wish to eliminate…

  • cutting dust from production lines
  • the noise of cutting saws
  • the cost of dust disposal
  • maintenance costs

I wish to save…

  • the material that is lost during the cut with the traditional saw blade
  • on the labour of the operator who handles the profiles to blow and clean them
  • on the energy consumed by dust extractors
  • on the costs related to safety

Download the Guillotine Cutting Systems pdf

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Our guillotine cutting systems are available as stand alone machines and cutting groups with cold or heated blade, for off and inline applications, capable of cutting profiles with a different geometry and thickness and produced with various materials at an extrusion speed up to 18 m/min.

Baruffaldi guillotine cutting systems